Day 31

Yep, 31 days…

31 Days and counting...

I’m pretty excited… 31 days… one month so far. I had alot of people say that they were able to do a couple of weeks, maybe 30 days, but usually didn’t last long. I am committed to making this thing happen. So, for my 31st day, I took my 30 photos and made the collage in Picnik. Does that count? I think so!

I’ve learned alot so far… Always keep my eyes open. Its amazing how many things I see differently now. How many times I look at something so ordinary very differently now. I’ve learned to keep a camera with me… and that many cameras can suffice. I’ve learned that I can take a photo every day.

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Day 30


Get it!

Ahh, Bailey! Bailey came over for a visit today. We were playing rope and I was asking her to jump for it while I was trying to take a shot. I thought that this one was kind of fun.

I feel that the next several months will be a series of JUMP! We want to re-do the downstairs, the office, will be super busy at work… its all about jumping for the next rope, ball or treat. I guess it keeps me on my toes just like it does for Bailey!

Photo taken with: Nikon D700

Day 28



This is the time that I left work tonight. 8:36 pm. Blah. I was there at 7:15 am. Double blah. I’ll go back again at 7 am. BLAH!

I was working on an extremely fun project, though. Did you happen to notice the press announcement last week about Target’s expansion into Urban and International markets? Think San Fran, DC, Chicago, NYC, Mexico, Latin America and/or Canada. I’ve had the opportunity to help work on it and it has been AWESOME. So, why I don’t mind staying late and putting in time. BLAH.

Its also funny how I felt like I could rule the world at that time… not hungry (no dinner), not tired… could still go and do more. But now that I walked in the door at home… starving and ready to fall asleep while I type. Weird.

Bad photo taken with: iPhone 3GS

Day 27



I love getting new things… And I got some new towels! I know, lame. But I haven’t got new towels in YEARS. And the old ones… well, let’s not talk about that… Super excited to get these… Fieldcrest by Target. Soft, great colors, washable… So excited.

Photo taken by: Nikon D70, Tamron 28-300VR

Day 26

Favorite word or not?

This word...

I’m not sure… So, I love to say to other people. However, I HATE it when others say it to me. And my team said it to me alot today. But for reasons that I don’t think I care about… I ended up telling them the same thing back. “NO, you WILL do this.” Really? Do I have to stoop to that level of management?” UGH.

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Day 25

One is not like the other…

Sunshine Sweetness

Dave helped me tonight with this delight. And delightful it is! Yum. Our friend Michael Abata brought us home candy from Spain. These were in a bottle labeled, “Happy Pills”. I loved the color of all the candy together and wanted to shoot it.

Dave grabbed his flash and a vase… put the flash under, the candy on top and wah-lah! This was fun… We made sure that the smiley face was prominent. Also, this will serve as an entry for my 365 project theme “One is not like the other”.

Photo taken with: Nikon D70, Nikon 50mm 1.8m, Speedlight 800 Flash, Reprocessed with CameraBag – Helga/Square