Day 240

Happy Birthday Sam the Man!


The Man in the Presents

Happy Boy Walking

We celebrated Sam’s one year birthday today! He is walking all over the place… he enjoyed the presents and lots of new toys… didn’t so much like the cupcakes, but was quick to enjoy a popsicle. We had fun with him! 🙂

Photos taken with: Nikon D700, Nikon 50mm f/1.8

Day 238


Chandelier at Om

We had dinner tonight with some great friends (the VonFeldts… I just love saying their name). We gabbed about NYC trips – our past and their upcoming, about Target and just life in general. We went to Om which is a fairly new Indian restaurant in the cities. It was very good! I loved this chandelier that was in the middle of the place… very sheik.

Photo taken with: iPhone 4

Day 237

National Sales Meeting!

The Boss

Twins for Target Only!

All the free food you can eat!

Today was our Target National Sales Meeting… One of my favorite days of the year. It makes me so excited for work for the Corporation. We got to hear speeches from the company’s leaders… hear about successes, new innovations coming up and celebrate award winners. Oh, and we got to hear from a TON of performers: Keith Urban (wow!), Enrique Iglesias (wow!), some groups I don’t even know, new Dixie Chicks group, and Taylor Swift. Overall, okay group!

Afterwards, some of us went to a special celebration at Target Field for the team members. Open to only us, tons of park food and fun. Really cool.

Photos taken with: iPhone 4