Day 272

95% done… FINALLY.

The main room... BAR!

Bathroom and Closet

Green walls… Hardwood floors in the main room… tile in the bathroom. Heated throughout! We built in two closets… one for supplies, one for entertainment equipment and wine. Now we have to have “Electrician” finish some small stuff and “Plumber” finish putting in the toliet, sink and vanity. We are so excited!!

Coming soon: Vodka tasting party. Don’t forget your Russian fur hat.

Photos taken with: Nikon D700, Nikon 18-35mm f/2.8

Day 268

Such a great day… After the pooch slept all night (!), we got a massage and Diohge stayed home in the kennel. No barks, no whines!!

We got home, played for a bit, napped together on the floor… Took a walk and played ball. Then we headed to Big Bowl for a free dinner and brought it home. Cleaned up a bit, tested Diohge in the crate again and am now enjoying a glass of wine.

Day 267

WordPress was down last night, so I couldn’t blog. But I did take my photo!

New Doggie!

We had a little get together last night for Dave’s birthday. Of course, they were all dog lovers and ended up bringing lots of treats and presents for Diohge! It was a fun night… ate alot, played with the dog alot (he was SO good!) and Diohge ended up VERY tuckered out. Dave had fun too, I hope! 🙂

Thanks for everyone who came!

Photo taken with: iPhone 4