Day 365

My final day… I thought that it would be best fitting to do a self-photo. But with a twist… After taking this photo, I turned it into a mosaic using all of my Project365 photos from the year. Also, I started my project with a photo at a local Irish Pub. So, I went back to the scene and took my final photo there as well while enjoying a pint, of course.

Celebrate! My final photo...

The Mosaic

To be honest, I don’t remember how I chose to do this project. I read about it in several places and thought that it would be something good to try. I could enhance my photo skills, learn some new tricks and just have fun. Never did I think that 2010 was going to be such a significant year in my life. I couldn’t have forecasted that in 2010 I would document some of the most exciting and unhappy times of my life. But I am so glad that this was the year that I chose.

I am so happy that I not only learned new photography skills, have a journal of my day by day, but also grew as a person. I met new people, connected with fellow Project365ers, encouraged others to pick up some more robust photography habits and just had fun. I am so proud that I accomplished this day by day habit.

I’ve listed a couple of the most significant moments of the year for me… in no particular order.

  1. I decided to do a Project365.
  2. I traveled to New York City for the first time.
  3. I traveled to London for the first time.
  4. I was promoted to Director.
  5. I got a new camera! Nikon D700! And of course, some new lenses…
  6. I got a treadmill! (I didn’t say that I used it…)
  7. I celebrated my niece and nephew’s birthdays with them.
  8. I visited Merrillville several times.
  9. I stayed in better touch with friends, reconnected with old friends and made some new ones along the way.
  10. I took some really great photos.
  11. I took some really bad photos.
  12. I learned how to process photos in a variety of ways… Photoshop, Picnik, CameraBag, a variety of iPhone apps…
  13. I learned how to frame and dry wall, finally finishing our downstairs “bar” room.
  14. I got a dog. 🙂
  15. I found out my father had cancer. And I was dealt the most significant blow in my life when he died 4 months later.
  16. I finished my Project365.
  17. I grew.

Day 362

We love the fenced in backyard for Diohgé to play in… Dave and I put on our North Face boots and went outside to play a rousing game of fetch with the pup. Instead, he played a rousing game of “come get me!”  But it was fun for photos!

I love the sun spot and his gallop

Come get me!

Why aren't you chasing me?

Photos taken with: Canon 60D (testing it… 🙂 )