My week of recruiting has left me with two days in the middle of week to myself. While I love my family and friends, I am so excited to do what I want!!

I flew in early today and was able to check into my hotel and settle in. I had a late breakfast and then headed out.

I love navigating public transit and do it pretty well, I might say. I ended up at the Sam Adams Brewery for a free tour and tasting. Yum! While there, they told us about a bar we can go to, buy a beer and get a free glass. Otherwise a glass is $8.50! So yes, I walked the mile to get there.




After that, I found my way to the USS Constitution. It was closing so I ran through it snapping as many photos as I could. Then I had a chance to slow down and enjoy the museum and gift shop (duh).


Tonight, I came back to the hotel and relaxed before finding a restaurant. I ordered myself an amazing bottle of wine knowing that I can save it for the next couple of nights. And I worked on my 15 year vision… An exercise for work.