I traveled to NYC today on a jet trip for work. Great stores… Huge volume and so busy. But we also had the chance to spend some time in the city on our own. We’re staying in Times Square, so a perfect location.

First, celebrating where I was for 12:12 on 12/12/12… In the Holland Tunnel!


Checked into The Muse Hotel as a part of the Kimpton hotels. Love them. I walked into my room to find this… hot water, hot chocolate (candy cane spoons and marshmallows included!), cookies, wine, cheese plate and water. And a Christmas tree decorated with photos from my blog! (You know that’s coming home with me!)


Then tonight we went to dinner and enjoyed a great burger and a beer sampler.


We went to Rockefellar Center to see the rink and Christmas tree… Beautiful!


And now I’m in a bar in Times Square listening to Eric Clapton play for the 12.12.12 concert… Reminds me of my dad for some reason. Cheers!


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