Staying with the relaxation theme… Today was a nice day of beer and fun with some great friends. The pooch enjoyed dropping me off today.


I met up with Patrick and Ben and we started out at the New Bohemian enjoying a beer an some sausages. Amazing…


Then we started the brewery tour… I had no idea there were so many places in the 612!




Then we went to visit Fox. He’s so fun!!


Great day, great beer, great friends.


Amazing day of relaxation! We woke up late, enjoyed some coffee and then our personal trainer stopped by to give us an Easter egg with a discount in it. 🙂 Then she talked us into going to lunch at Rodizio, a Brazilian steakhouse. Yum!


We then all went to the dog park for a couple of hours. After, Dave and I went to Wildfire for a free dinner! (Coupons and gift cards!) I enjoyed this nice wine flight.


Pooch had a nice time today at the park, but wanted to play tonight by his clear move of bringing me the ball.


I’d like to thank my mother for the amazing Easter basket! Homemade candies! Yum… It was a great food day!



Yeah!! We are finally home! Today was a long day of travel. We woke up at 6 am Dublin time which is 12 am central. So after a lengthy wait at the airport and a 7 hour flight, we made it to NYC.

Business class was great! I watched a movie, had some wine… Ate a lot of food.


So happy to finally see North America!


Then we had a 3 hour layover in NYC and sat in the Sky Lounge soaking up the wifi and biscotti cookies. We loaded onto the plane old school style.


We landed in MSP early and got a ride from Matthew “The Body” (thanks!) and also found a little surprise waiting for us from Shammie.


And of course, the best part of the day was being reunited with this pooch! (Thanks to Cara and Becca for watching him!) When he saw us, he jumped up an down on us for like 3 minutes… So cute.



Our last full day in Ireland! 😦 We had a great time…

First, we relaxed and had massages in the morning. Then we headed over to the Old Jameson Distillery where we had a guided tour and I was selected as a taster! I was certified and everything…




Then we started an afternoon if pubs and enjoyment. Some places we stumbled upon, some were recommended, some were famous. All were fantastic!




Then we came back to our castle to lack an get ready for the big trip home to see our pooch!!




Our last day in London! We slept in which was very nice and needed. We had a lovely breakfast with Jule and then got ready for the day.

We packed up and headed off to Stratford where the Olympic Village was last year. However, our goal was to get to the mall! Dave was on the hunt for a CD and the store there had it.

Greta was all bundled up in her pram giving me the middle finger.


We found the CD, had some ice cream and hopped the train back to Hackney. We stopped at M&S to grab some sandwiches much to Jules’s dismay. Dave was entertaining Greta on the way home.


We did a quick photo shoot with the babe before we left. Again, Dave trying to entertain her.


The flight back to Dublin was easy. A nice sunset…


And tonight we are staying in a castle!! Clontarf Castle is about 5 miles outside of the city. This guy is on guard…


But pretty soon, this guy will be on guard at our castle!



Today we got up very early to catch a tour to Stonehenge. We got a taxi to a hotel and then a bus picked us up for the tour. It was fun to see some of the London sites as we drove around.


After a quick two hour drive we arrived at Stonehenge. It was a quick stop… About an hour which included restrooms, gift shop and food. Either way, it was cool to see! The stones seemed much smaller then I expected.


For the afternoon, we took the Tube to the Heyward Gallery in Southbank Center to see a light exhibition. Shane, Jule and Greta met us there. It was pretty cool (no pictures allowed).


We headed to a close pastry shop and enjoyed some tea and scones before dinner. For dinner, we found an Indian restaurant on Brick Lane.


Dave was trying to drain his battery on the bus today and so was playing a slides how of the dog. 😦