Well, I’m not sure how to categorize today… Brilliant or painful. Maybe brilliantly painful?

We started out today with intentions to bike the Killarney National Park which is literally feet outside of the hotel. Bikes were free, which was great, and we headed out. Quickly we realized this wasn’t going to be easy as Ireland is all uphill. (I’m convinced.)

Alas, we kept on and made our way to the Muckross House and then eventually a gorgeous set of waterfalls. The Torq Waterfall was amazing and we spent a good hour taking photos there.


We then headed back towards the way we came so that we could bike another 3 miles to this fabulous little white cottage where we could get lunch and a spot of tea. It was highly recommended by some friends (who clearly hate us). We got there and were overjoyed to the see the building only to realize it was closed. As we munched on our power bars, we contemplated leaving the bikes and walking.

We didn’t and we got some great shots.




At the end, while my arse is killing me and my legs are exhausted, I probably needed the 10 mile ride. Now we are resting like all true Irish… In the pub.

We did see a lot of pooches today and some border collies!