Today was what I’d consider a bonus day. We decided to stay in Killarney for an extra day and visit some recommended sites. It was relaxing and very picturesque.

First, we went to Ross Castle. They had a very cool and cheap tour. The guide was amazing at explaining castle life in Ireland. The castle was pretty cool too.


Then we took a boat to Innisfallen Island where there is an old monastery and church. Pretty and quaint and serene.


Afterwards, we drove to the Gap of Dunloe, an area carved out between two mountain ranges by a glacier. We rode a Jaunting Car or a horse carriage. The driver was quite the character and was very informative. The area was gorgeous. He informed us no one could buy land. 🙂 Then he told us where his girlfriend worked so that we could get lunch.


Either way, we had a great lunch, a nice drive to an overlook of all of Killarney and a very pleasant bonus day. We ended the afternoon by having a spot of tea (my favorite phrase today) in the Piano Room of the hotel. We had tea, surfed the net and relaxed for almost two hours… Much to the young concierge’s dismay as he was trying to clean up.


This evening we enjoyed a nice Italian dinner to break up the pace of pub fare. Yum!!

We did see some of Diohgé’s cousins today! And a lot of his sheep enemies. LOTS.