It’s been one week since we began our journey and it’s been a blast so far. One more week and then we’ll be home with this guy:


We drove the Ring of Kerry today which is supposed to be the most beautiful drive ever. However, today was extremely windy and rainy. We made it through and also to Dingle for the night. Either way, there were some great sights to see, just not as fantastic as we’d like.

Here are several shots, some of which have names. But they really all just look like some mountains with lakes. 🙂






And here are some friends we met on the way. I took it upon myself to roll down the window and “BAAAAA!” loudly often at the sheep. Most of the time they looked. It was alot of fun for me. And our cow friend was in the middle of the road and wasn’t happy that we were trying to use it.





Shocking… We’re off the the pubs!

One response to “80.365.2013

  1. Fairly certain there is no better landscape in the World better suited to an Instagram filter… #bleakisbeautiful

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