Well, it was another rainy and windy day. Blah. But it turned wonderful by 2 pm!! We stayed in the best little B&B where they gave us great directions, advice and were just the best with service.

We decided to shop a little today in Dingle before we drove. We were hoping it would help the rain pass. Dave found a bottle of his new favorite vodka and I found a lot more. 🙂

Once we took off, the rain was still pretty heavy but we powered trough the drive. The views were supposed to be gorgeous. We got soaked, but we still got out and walked, took photos and saw a lot of “prehistoric” dwellings.

The coast, Slea Head, looks into the ocean and was amazing. I’ll share a couple of views below…



<img src="ht


We also had some friends asking for a snack. Dave thought it was real fun to throw them pieces of a cookie and they would fly up and grab it.


We continued our drive after stopping at a pottery shop for lunch. Beautiful work… And a really tasty lunch. By then the weather cleared up really well… Some more views. We saw a TON of rainbows!! They were amazing and the brightest I’ve ever seen.




Then we crossed the ferry which saved us about an hour of driving time. We’re in Lanniscor tonight and will see the Cliffs of Mohr tomorrow! Exciting!

Oh! And we finally saw a border collie herding sheep today! It was quick so no photos, but so fun to see!


Finally, Dave was constantly ready for the shot… Seriously. I pulled over to see a view, he woke up, got out of the car and continued shooting!