Today we got up very early to catch a tour to Stonehenge. We got a taxi to a hotel and then a bus picked us up for the tour. It was fun to see some of the London sites as we drove around.


After a quick two hour drive we arrived at Stonehenge. It was a quick stop… About an hour which included restrooms, gift shop and food. Either way, it was cool to see! The stones seemed much smaller then I expected.


For the afternoon, we took the Tube to the Heyward Gallery in Southbank Center to see a light exhibition. Shane, Jule and Greta met us there. It was pretty cool (no pictures allowed).


We headed to a close pastry shop and enjoyed some tea and scones before dinner. For dinner, we found an Indian restaurant on Brick Lane.


Dave was trying to drain his battery on the bus today and so was playing a slides how of the dog. 😦