Our last day in London! We slept in which was very nice and needed. We had a lovely breakfast with Jule and then got ready for the day.

We packed up and headed off to Stratford where the Olympic Village was last year. However, our goal was to get to the mall! Dave was on the hunt for a CD and the store there had it.

Greta was all bundled up in her pram giving me the middle finger.


We found the CD, had some ice cream and hopped the train back to Hackney. We stopped at M&S to grab some sandwiches much to Jules’s dismay. Dave was entertaining Greta on the way home.


We did a quick photo shoot with the babe before we left. Again, Dave trying to entertain her.


The flight back to Dublin was easy. A nice sunset…


And tonight we are staying in a castle!! Clontarf Castle is about 5 miles outside of the city. This guy is on guard…


But pretty soon, this guy will be on guard at our castle!


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