Diohgé could not have been happier this morning in the snow. It makes it hard for me to be mad about the weather. He was running around, chasing himself and what we call “playing bucking bronco” where he looks like a horse jumping. So funny.


This evening I had the chance to catch up with some old college friends, the Hall’s. We had a nice chat/dinner at a greasy dive called Mickey’s Dining Car. Yum!



The Hall’s are in town so that they can start a long process to healing the leg of their youngest. It will involve several surgeries and trips up here – over 12 to 14 years. My heart goes out to them…

Lord, I pray that not only will You be with Katelyn tomorrow and through the years to come, but that You’ll bless Joey and Karey with wisdom, peace and strength. Be with the doctors, nurses and other caregivers… Guide their hands and hearts. Thank you!