Today was so fun!! I started out by kicking off the “Meet the Bullseye” event where freshman and sophomores in college come to learn about Target. And of course I needed to take their photo. Don’t you love all the smiles?


This afternoon about 100 of my team and I went and volunteered at the Second Hand Harvest. We packed pasta, sunflower seeds, labeled cans and palletized the results. Over 16 thousands pounds of food served over 13 thousand meals!!


And tonight the pooch was guarding us while we exercised. A very serious task.



Today was very un-fun and hectic. Lots of politics and conversations… ugh.

Tonight we were able to attend the wine club tasting for the city of EP. Fun! Appeteasers and then tasting of whatever we want. It was fun and we met a really fun couple named Carrie and Dennis. Lots of wine secrets traded!


The pooch wanted to give some love to his dad. So cute.



I had been told that someone would help me cut up a pineapple. Unfortunately, they were REAL busy playing candy crush. So, they didn’t. I hate it when people do that, don’t you!? Either way, I learned how to do it tonight. So juicy!


The pooch picks out a toy from his bin. He’s funny because we can hide his favorites and he digs to find them. He definitely knows what he wants!



Memorial Day! Thanks to all the veterans… In your honor, I enjoyed some Murphy Goode Operation Homefront Cab. Yum.


I made some delicious bacon wrapped apples smothered in a brown sugar glaze. I’ve named them Unicorn Kisses since clearly that’s the only other thing that can be that amazing.


At the end of the bottle, it cried.


When we came home, the usual positions were taken for nap time.


The end.