Today was AMAZING! We started out with a massage that was very relaxing. I’d been having some back pain and Jessica helped work it out.

Tonight we went to the Make A Wish Ball. It’s our 3rd year and we love it! They have a silent auction where we can bid on fun stuff and the money goes to the charity.

This year, we brought home 11 bottles of wine and atleast 5 sets of Twins tickets. We also got Swarm tickets and U of MN basketball tickets. Through the auction, we won paintball for 16 people and split a bowling party for 40 people with a friend.



This year, there was a raffle for some fun prizes… AND WE WON A 7 DAY TRIP TO THE FLORIDA KEYS! OH MY GOODNESS! You have no idea how excited I am!!

Dave was so excited, he had a BEER!


The pooch was so excited that we were home, he ran in to enjoy the bone.


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