181.365.2013 Summer is Beautiful

Today was gorgeous! The weather was amazing and everything was beautiful. We went to a parade and the Twins game with friends…



The pooch had a long day too. Day care said he was quite cuddly. He came home and slept the rest of the day.


180.365.2013 Peanut Butter in Hell

We had a great day today… The weather was gorgeous,
I made pancakes after sleeping in, we walked the pooch for about an hour…


We had a great dinner at Hell’s Kitchen with our good friend Scott. It was yummy!


Their peanut butter is to die for, so we brought some home. I can’t wait to have toast in the morning!

179.365.2013 Beer Dabbler

An amazing start to a fun weekend! I’m not sure why, but I was super crabby all day long… Like just not nice. So it was nice to hang out with some friends (like 11 of us!) tonight, with beer!!

Beer Dabbler was this evening with about 20 beer vendors and 24 food trucks. They paired a beer from each vendor with a dish at each truck. YUM. Unfortunately, it rained on and off and eventually we decided we were done.

But, a beer Fest wouldn’t be complete without me destroying Hammerschlagen in 2 hits. Third game, third win.




Then I came home to the Poochy pup. He’s been limping a bit and went to the vet today. He has a little join issue and is on a restrictive exercise schedule. 😦


177.365.2013 Jet Trip Fun

I had a chance to sleep in a bit today because I left for a jet trip around 11. It was nice to wake up, have coffee, check email, play with the dog and get ready. Diohgé was happy with some extra sleep too.


Then we took off for the San Jose / San Francisco market today to visit some stores. It’s a lot of fun to see what’s going on and a lot of fun to travel with Target peeps.

Mike and his pretty little cookie:


The mountains before we landed:


Mike wearing Carrie’s birthday sombrero:


And playing a little “what if”…


More tomorrow!