First, a quick shout out… I miss my pups!


Today was fantastic! It was very scheduled, but with a ton of fun places. After having an amazing breakfast at the hotel, we headed to our first stop: Domaine Chandon. When we were here last time, we took off for a hot air balloon in their field, but didn’t get a chance to taste. We fixed that!


Then we headed over to Dean & Deluca’s to pick up some lunch for later. I love that store and had some fun playing around.


Our next stop was my most anticipated and favorite of the day… Far Niente! It’s a gorgeous property that’s by appointment only. They didn’t disappoint.


We then went over to their sister winery Nickel and Nickel. It was fun to taste there because we have several of their bottles at home, but hasn’t tried them. Now we know what’s good! The photo is of soil because this winery only produces single vineyard and each area is extremely different.


Our last wine stop was to Robert Mondavi. A great tour… Fun to learn that he grew up in Minnesota!!


And to cap off the day, we had a great dinner at Cole’s Chop House… Steaks!


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