165.365.2013 Backyard Beer Dabbler & Such

We picked up the pooch this morning from his daycare… He was so excited to see us! Jumping up and down, kisses all around.


Tonight we went over to PK & Susie’s for a Backyard Beer Dabbler… So much fun. Each of us were assigned a region if the country and brought a six pack of beer from breweries in that area. Most of us made our own 6 pack… So 18 different brews. Dave brought 8 different ciders as well. It was a blast!!

The final beers, in order from left to right, of top ranked.


The 3 brew buds…


The pooch hiding, burying and then sleeping on his bone.



I also had the chance to pick up 2 dozen birthday cupcakes from Angel Food Bakery. Remember Dave got me the cupcakes as a gift last year (the bakery makes one after my flavors…). Well, we had 8 flavors and 3 of each to try. Many samplings and its a hard decision. And I reserve the right to share more tomorrow!

(Overall flavors include lemon, blueberry, peanut butter, coconut, espresso.)


The final ring of fire…