166.365.2013 Liar’s Dice

We started today very slow… Like wake up after 10 kinda slow. Even the dog didn’t want me to wake him up at 10 when I came downstairs. Either way, we had a relaxing morning… Pancakes and sausage. Mmmm…

Then we headed to the dog park mid afternoon right before a big thunderstorm. We were able to get a good 45 mins in before the lightening hit and Mosquitos ate me alive.


We also invited some friends over for dinner tonight kind of last minute. Not usual for me not to plan, but we had a great time! Steaks, roasted veggies, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes… They brought a delicious cake and of course we opened some yummy wine.



They even brought bones for the dogs! These are the real cow bones and were the grande sized. Diohgé’s and Bailey didn’t know what to do!


And then we played some Liar’s Dice… A game we bought in Napa, but Beth and Matthew taught us to play. It was a blast!


Thanks to The Body Family for joining us tonight!

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