168.365.2013 The Last Tasting

First, a PSA on this cute pups… Always has to have his paw on you during pets.


Tonight Dave and I held the final taste test… Angel Food Cupcakes! Now, to refresh your memory, I received 8 flavors to taste in order to make my birthday dozen. Angel Food was nice enough to give me 3 of each, so we had two with our friends and saved the last one for us.

In my interview, I gave them some flavor profiles to use… Peanut butter, espresso, coconut, lemon, blueberry. I love white icing and didn’t want chocolate.

The 8 flavors they crafted are So much fun… Some examples:

– Coco-De-Leche: coconut cake filled with dulce de Leche and caramel Swiss meringue icing.
– Peanut Butter blueberry cake with toasted 7-min meringue icing.

I mean, come on!!



Dave’s favorite was the coconut blueberry cake with lemon Swiss meringue. My favorites are the “Nutter-A-Misu” (peanut butter cake soaked in espresso with vanilla whip cream and cocoa powder) AND Coconut Blueberry “Tres Leches” with toasted 7-min meringue. AMAZING.

Thanks to Angel Food Bakery for the awesome experience!