210.365.2013 A New Toy!

Pooch and I went on a long walk today.


Where we saw these pretty wildflowers. (Why do people always want to rip them out?)


Then we came home and opened my new toy! The Pebble finally arrived! It’s a watch that sends me phone calls and other notifications like text messages. So much fun!


The end.

209.365.2013 Yum

Ahh… I love weekends when we don’t have much going on. I slept in… Had coffee… cleaned up the DVR… organized the garage and got stuff ready for trash or eBay… grilled out… treadmilled… played with the pooch. I mean…

Diohgé did a lot of snuggling with his lamb chop.


He played around with Bullseye while I cleaned the garage.


Then we enjoyed an amazing Cabernet with some steak and Chukar Cherries. Seriously, yummy.


207.365.2013 Celebratory Dinner

Woo hoo!! We got a wedding booking today from the fair last Sunday! Let’s hope it’s the first of a couple… 🙂

We went out to dinner at Campiello’s to celebrate. It was our first time there and was great. We each ordered dessert and then quickly switched… Limoncello bread pudding and a Nutella/Chantilly layer cake. Wow.



When we got home, we ran around with the pooch for awhile outside. He’s so much fun. We came inside and he immediately went to the play zone – the landing!