202.365.2013 Wedding Fair Craziness!

Today was crazy…. Crazy busy, crazy fun and crazy exciting! Dave participated in his first wedding fair with DM Photographs.

I’ll admit, listening to his plans for the last several weeks stressed me out because one idea was bigger than the next. I was more stressed when I arrived and saw the space. BUT, it was pretty awesome! It all came together and I’m pretty sure we had the best booth…

Photo booth, contests, snacks, water, couches, albums, videos, music, make up artist… I mean…


I even took some time for fun in the booth!


The pooch was super tuckered from his big day out too.


Then we had a great dinner at Cafe Lurcat with Matthew and Beth. Their Sunday date night dinner is great! The dessert… Salted caramel Ice cream with lemon shortbread cookies and cinnamon mini donuts!


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