242.365.2013 Pooches

This morning I had a nice and relaxing start with some room service and then some time in the Sky Club. The flight went great! I got a ton of work done and I watched part of a movie.


After Fawn’s today, we went to the dog
park with the pups.



Now some DVR catch up and Candy Crush.

241.365.2013 Braves vs. Indians

I had a ton of fun today traveling around Atlanta visiting some stores. They looked great and I got some good ideas for the next wave of some projects we are working on.

Then I had some time tonight and decided to catch the Braves game. I was even more excited to find out that they were playing the Indians.


It was SOOO HOTTT… I mean nasty-sweaty-a-beer-won’t-cure-kinda hot. I lasted until the top of the 7th before I left. I wish I was at home with these pups!


240.365.2013 Atlanta and Old Friends

I had a wonderful day today traveling to Atlanta for work… Slept in a bit, made breakfast at home, did some email, traveled to MSP. The G concourse has been remodeled and the new restaurants are amazing! Order with the iPad, play some games and leave when you want.


I did hate leaving these boys and our house guest Yamar.



But the flight was good and I had a great night. I met with Amy N and W for a great dinner. It was fun catching up and great food/wine. (Thanks N’s!) Of course, we forgot a photo. 😦


239.365.2013 Progress

We had our measurements tonight during Fawnercise. The actual tape measure portion was interesting… I’m bulking up in places, but haven’t really lost inches in my stomach. I guess that’s why I’m not dropping numbers on the scale… Because I’m adding heavier muscle!

We also measure by going through about 15 exercises for a minute each… How many can we do in that minute. I killed all of my previous! Burpees are horrid and we did so many that Fawn said she wouldn’t make us test on them again.

We also have a house guest this week. Yamar often let’s Diohgé sleep over so it’s nice to return the favor. They are still figuring each other out. So Diohgé was guarding his bowl while Yamar found a place to camp.