245.365.2013 Labor Day Delights

Labor Day… And a beautiful one! It went from 90 degrees yesterday to a chilly 71 today. Literally we all wore hoodies!

But it was gorgeous and relaxing. We met up with Matthew and Beth to head up to Chateau St. Croix for a wine tasting. It was Matthew’s first!! We enjoyed it a lot … Great Groupon deals if you are interested.


Then we found a little place for lunch… Very Minnesota country, but good!


We found another winery and the wine was just okay. The service was HORRID. It wasn’t worth the $5 tasting fee. But we had a fun time!

When we got home, Yamar and I sat on the patio sipping some wine and reading a book. He enjoyed all of the commotion with the kids running around the neighborhood.


Pooch was tuckered and for some reason, really enjoyed sleeping in the dark kitchen.


Now we are watching a little Friends marathon.