314.365.2013 Happy Halloween!

We had a master plan this year to draw in and meet the neighbors… A photo booth! I also bought 4 huge bags of candy. We got all set up… Costumes for everyone, candy opened, booth and decorations ready… And had about 5-7 groups. Wah, Wah.


Either way, pooch was ready to guard dog the house. He was the Sheriff again this year.


311.365.2013 So Exhausted

Mary kept me up last night watching some silly football game. And we moved for the last 4 days = I’m super exhausted.

So dinner out again. Our new local hang out that takes about 35 seconds to get to… I loved that the server said, “We’re always slow on Mondays, FYI,” Ok, don’t mind if I do!


Diohgé’s been doing pretty well with the move, but also is getting anxious when we leave him at the house. So when we are here, he’s in super guard mode. He just sits in front of whatever room we are in… And guards us from leaving!


310.365.2013 Finished! (Well, almost)

Back to work my minions! After fixing a delightful breakfast in the new kitchen, I sent my crew back in work. Dave and Thom went to the townhome to collect some more things. Mary and I finished the remaining boxes and hung up some drapes. Quite fun! Now all we have left is the office and stereo equipment… So excited!

This afternoon we went over to the Kemmetmueller’s to celebrate Beth’s birthday and get ready for the Vikings game with the Packers.


Bailey gave Diohgé a housewarming gift. Lots of outside toys for the new backyard!


They are going to cuddle tonight while we’re all at the game.


There was a lot of planning of accessories for the game tonight. Matthew wins the prize for most crazy and Mary really enjoyed it.


Tradition is this…


And finally, the game!!


309.365.2013 Unpacking

And so it began… Lots and lots of unpacking. I feel that we are 60% there and I’m good with that number. We fixed closets, moved more from the town home and also relaxed some. Mary unpacked the kitchen and didn’t quite enjoy my feedback.


We left twice today and the pooch didn’t quite know what to do. We think he waited by the front window the whole time. 😢


308.365.2013 DAY TWO! The Big Day

It’s heeerrrrreeee!! Moving day! And Dave’s wheat filled fun day! So we started with a little energy building at OPH. Pumpkin pancakes…


Then the movers showed up and I was told to stay out of the way. I can barely contain myself… I’m SO bored! Let me in, Coach!


The movers did so awesome… They filled the truck twice and had it emptied in 3 hours. It was awesome to see everything finally coming in the house! I already organized and unpacked the entire garage, put away all the dresser drawers and am working on the guest room.


Once they were done, we had our friends Joe and Julie come to visit. They brought pizza for dinner! And babies and dogs. Diohgé was excited to show off his backyard to Bailey.




And to top it all off, Mary and Thom showed up and are going to help! Of course she needs to paint her nails and go through my stuff.