310.365.2013 Finished! (Well, almost)

Back to work my minions! After fixing a delightful breakfast in the new kitchen, I sent my crew back in work. Dave and Thom went to the townhome to collect some more things. Mary and I finished the remaining boxes and hung up some drapes. Quite fun! Now all we have left is the office and stereo equipment… So excited!

This afternoon we went over to the Kemmetmueller’s to celebrate Beth’s birthday and get ready for the Vikings game with the Packers.


Bailey gave Diohgé a housewarming gift. Lots of outside toys for the new backyard!


They are going to cuddle tonight while we’re all at the game.


There was a lot of planning of accessories for the game tonight. Matthew wins the prize for most crazy and Mary really enjoyed it.


Tradition is this…


And finally, the game!!


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