317.365.2013 Ft. Myers!!

So, several months ago we won a condo at a charity auction. And by won, we bid with another friend and paid for it. But it was a super cheap deal. I had buyers remorse for the first 30 days and then I really forgot about it. Today? Best. Purchase. Ever!!

The condo is amazing… 4 bedrooms, pool and hot tub on a screened-in porch… Grill… Audi convertible to drive… Gated community… Ridiculous! And we’re here to relax for the week.

Some shots of the trip:



After we arrived and scouted out the place, we went to Target for a massive grocery shop. Somehow we managed to fit two carts into the trunk of the Audi convertible.


And here’s a shot of the living and doing room. I’ll share more throughout the week.


We saw two service dogs just kickin it in first class today. Maybe something for Diohgé to consider?


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