321.365.2013 Day Excursions

After a leisurely morning, we hopped in the car and headed of to Miromar Outlets because I had a hankering to shop. It was a gorgeous day for a drive with the top down!


We walked around for several hours at the Outlet and I feel like I did pretty good on controlling the spend… Except for a nice new piece of Tumi luggage. I’m so excited! Dave enjoyed feeding a pond of Koi fish that also had several turtles in it.


Then we headed down to Naples. Our friend Russ that is with us wanted to see it and it’s his birthday. So, we thought it’d be a great idea! The drive was amazing and we watched the sunset from the car.


We found a little Italian joint and had some delicious pizza. Yum.


Afterwards, we walked around 5th Ave that has a ton of shops and restaurants. And ice cream… Yes, ice cream.

Now I’m exhausted!


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