364.365.2013 Shotgun Shopping

This morning we rushed to get ready and have another cold and blustery morning at the dog park. It was snowing a lot more today which was fun. Dave looked like he was a snow-covered eyelash model.


Diohgé playing hide and seek.


But the best part of the day was going gun shopping! Matthew and Beth took us and we went to both Cabela’s and Gander Mountain. After much debate and one quick phone call, I settled on a used Browning Citori XS Ultra. It’s real purty. I can’t wait to use it!


363.365.2013 It’s Cold Outside

Today was a negative temp day. It never got above zero and the windchill was typically double digit negative.

Have no fear! We put on several layers and made our way out to the dog park mid afternoon. The dogs loved it!


The rest of the day was spent relaxing, moving photos around the computer, watching TV, etc.

361.365.2013 Movie Day!

Dave promised me that while on vacation, I could have a movie day. I was excited that was today! Pooches both went into daycare and enjoyed themselves while we watched 3 movies!

Ranked in order of my favorites:

1. Hunger Games: Catching Fire
2. American Hustle
3. Anchorman 2

We did switch up theaters and went with some friends to see #2.


The dogs had a ton of fun. Including snuggling with me and each other.


360.365.2013 Houseguests

I love waking up and FaceTiming with the kids! After having a coffee (or two), the family called and we Facetimed so I could watch the kids open their Mini iPads. They were so excited! Maggie, “Oh my gosh!! I love it! I LOVE IT!”


Then our houseguest for the next week came over. Xander is an 8mo old pup who loves to play with Diohgé! They played in the backyard for about an hour before we headed to the DP for another hour or so.


Tonight we went to dinner (impromptu) with the Kemmetmueller’s at BLVD. We had a great time before heading over to Apple to exchange Dave’s iPad.


Now we are enjoying Anchorman.
And by enjoying, I mean evaluating it to see if I want to see #2 tomorrow.