355.365.2013 Shopping, Day One

I had an urgent need to get things done today… Those things were shopping! But, I was woken up by the pooch around 7 to go potty. I decided I should probably get my work phone and bring it back to bed “just in case”.

7:45… Text from EVP.
8:00… Text from SVP (boss)
8:10… Call from Technology partner. Okay, I’m up!

The next 3 hours was texting, calling and emailing for work. That’s what happens when your CEO issues a video about giving 10% off this weekend. All in all, it was good!

After getting ready and organizing my list, we headed out for a shop. First, we hit World Market to pick up a chair for our sitting room. Diohgé loves it!


Then we hit West Elm to pick up a side table and of course, Target. And let me tell you… Two carts and a lot of discounts later! (Coupons, Target coupons, Cartwheel, team member discount, Pharmacy 5%, extra 10%, Red Card 5% and mobile coupons!) I saved over $300!!

Tonight we attended the Kemmetmueller Christmas Party (business). It was at Dave and Buster’s and we had a blast! We brought home a lot of swag and had a great time with so many friends.