356.365.2013 Play Dates

Today was relaxing magical. We had a play date with the McCallisters so Chef and Diohgé could attempt a friendship again. In the house, they were just okay. Outside they chased each other around for a minute! It’ll have to do for now.

Dave took the pooch to the DP this afternoon for another play date. I had a date with the couch… I zonked out for like 2 hours. Glorious.

Tonight we made dinner and opened a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau. It’s a wine produced, bottled and drank all in 2013. It was yummy!


Of course Pooch wanted to play some ball and couldn’t understand why it was stationary.


I ended the night by baking some snickerdoodles, but I think I need to retry tomorrow. I’m not quite pleased with them.

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