360.365.2013 Houseguests

I love waking up and FaceTiming with the kids! After having a coffee (or two), the family called and we Facetimed so I could watch the kids open their Mini iPads. They were so excited! Maggie, “Oh my gosh!! I love it! I LOVE IT!”


Then our houseguest for the next week came over. Xander is an 8mo old pup who loves to play with Diohgé! They played in the backyard for about an hour before we headed to the DP for another hour or so.


Tonight we went to dinner (impromptu) with the Kemmetmueller’s at BLVD. We had a great time before heading over to Apple to exchange Dave’s iPad.


Now we are enjoying Anchorman.
And by enjoying, I mean evaluating it to see if I want to see #2 tomorrow.