1.365.2014 New Year Relaxation

A new year, a new 365. I haven’t given much thought to if I want to theme my blog this year. If you have an idea, let me know!

However, today was great for relaxing. After waking up a bit late, I made some coffee and headed downstairs to chill out by the fire. We watched two movies, I got a little work done, setup my new iPad.


The pooches also did the same. Lots of relaxing.


365.365.2013 Big Times

No big summary of the year… Just another amazing day with amazing friends. We had a great time at the Wild game with the cutie Zara…



We had a couple of pooches in the window watching for us.


And we had some great friends over for dinner and a New Year’s celebration. The pooch and I got a NY kiss.


And well, here’s one summary of 2013… It was a great year: Promotions, vacations, new jobs, new house and engagement!!

Well, that’s a wrap folks… Another 365 in the bag. Happy New Year!