55.365.2014 The Past

I love history and learning about the past. I also love making notes for myself to remember the past. It’s fun to use photos as a vehicle for that as well.

Today we drove by the Metrodome where I saw my first NFL game live (with Mary). It’s being torn down and rebuilt. 99 dynamites or something yesterday??


When I got home I had a postcard from myself when I was in India. I’ve gotten in the habit of sending myself a postcard on all major trips. I like to write what I did and then love having a local stamp and postmark.


54.365.2014 Lazy Day

Today was my lazy day. Dave was gone all day at a photo class, so pooch and I went out to the dog park. We had some fun with Lucy and Loki and the other pups.

Debbie did snow angels and we saw this beautiful Osprey flying overhead. Probably in search for a little dog to eat. 🙂




I did get some stuff done… Work, tax prep, cleaning, bills. You know, the fun stuff.

53.365.2014 Miss Mags

Today was nice and relaxing. I slept in, had coffee, watched some Extreme Cheapskates… Then got ready and took the pooch to the dog park. While I’m really over the snow and winter, I do have to admit that it leaves a beauty after a storm.





When we got home, I watched some more old TV movies and played some Uno on the iPad.

Today was also Maggie’s 6th birthday! I’m sad that I wasn’t there, but she enjoyed some time at the American Girl Doll store. She’s getting so old! I do love FaceTime though.


52.365.2014 WFH

I had another work from home day. The snow continued to come down and we ended around 10 inches. The governor declared a state of emergency. So, I got up, dug Dave’s car out of the snow and then snow blowed the rest of the driveway.


Then I took some calls for work, got ready and had to head out. One of my team members lost her husband to brain cancer last week. Today was the memorial service… Very sad but the service was beautiful.

I’m pretty sure it’s the first funeral I’ve attended since my dad’s. And while at the site, I found a memory of him. His birth date – month and year in an actual calendar.


Tonight we are just relaxing and watching some Modern Family.