34.365.2014 India Day One!

Ok… We arrived! So far, so good. The hotel is amazing, the food is pretty good and we have a great day catching up on sleep. I took an Ambien last night and slept for a good 8 hours. The I woke up for a delicious Indian lunch.


We had wonderful massages to relax. I even scheduled 2 more! Then our local director from the India office met us and helped us find all of the shipping venues. Driving is crazy!!

We then went to Commercial Street to find some deals. And some stray dogs. It really bothers me.



And now to bed after a pizza dinner.

32.365.2014 Beginning the Travel

So, the next several posts will be slightly off on dates. I was traveling to India over the last 2-3 days and my time zones are all messed up.

Saturday I had a good morning getting ready and loving on my pooch.


I did get to the airport and meet my peers/boss in the Sky Club for some pre-flight beverages. And we flew in Business Class the whole way. So nice…


And then at some point we landed in Paris.