61.365.2014 Keeping the Pooch Entertained

Since Diohgé hasn’t been allowed to go to the park the last two days, it’s been all about keeping him entertained. This morning he let us sleep in until 9:15 which was amazing! Then I got ready and went out to brunch with Becca. It was delicious and fun!


When I got home, Diohgé was all wound up and ready to play. So he bucked around a bit outside and we went out back to scoop up poop. Fun times.

Then we went out for a drive. Even though it was -3 and -19 windchill, I rolled down the window and he loved it. We picked up something at Starbucks too. He really enjoyed his treat. 🙂



Tonight after he took a long nap, I have him a bone filled with chicken something. He ran around the house for a hour hiding it before finally taking some to enjoy it. Hilarious!

I think my job here is done.

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