117.365.2014 Birthdays

Today was Mark’s birthday and we were supposed to go to the Twins game. It was rained out so we ended up going to brunch and then hanging out for awhile. Zara enjoyed celebrating… A little too much!

Then tonight we went to visit Matthew and Beth. It’s his birthday tomorrow so Beth made some yummy dinner and opened a delicious bottle of wine.

It was a great weekend of celebrations!

116.365.2014 Visitors

Today was a great day to get things done… Diohgé and I slept in and then had some breakfast before watching the Walking Dead. Then we got ready and headed to the dog park. He had a blast with Bailey!


We went grocery shopping and prepped a lot of food. We cleaned the backyard (poop!) and cleaned the house. Then tonight Tony H came and we enjoyed a great dinner, some yummy wine and great conversation. It was great to see him. (Well, he’s staying the night so I guess I’ll see him tomorrow too.)