239.365.2014 Last Day

Today is my last day with the kiddos before I fly home tomorrow. Max and I played around this morning while the kids were is school. Then my friend Jodi came down to visit and we had a good time catching up. {insert photo from mom}

I also went to Maggie’s school today and had lunch with her and her friends. I got to see her classroom too!


When we picked her up from school, we went to the park to give Layla a walk. The kids had a blast! Then we came home and helped Nammie make pizza bread.

Before bed tonight, Max finally let me cuddle and smiled for a selfie!


238.365.2014 Family Photo Time

We started today with a little trip to Skyline Chili for lunch. I love me some Skyline… And so does Matt. So I’m now waiting for my heart attack…

This afternoon the boys played outside swimming, swinging, baseball… We all had fun!

IMG_7470.JPG This evening we came over to Nammie’s for dinner and a photo session. It was actually pretty fun! Here are some of the best: