221.365.2014 Triathlon

I mean… I had such a long day! Waking up at 4:30 am to get Mary to the tri site. Carrying her watermelon, flip flops and keeping her suit zipped up. Once she got in the water for her 1/2 mile, I finally got a break!

Then when she transitioned to her bike, we all ran over to wave at her and wait for her return. (Again, finally a break!) And the same happened when she ran. When she crossed the finish line, we celebrated and waited around to get her bike. Then I had to drive her home (after a Starbucks treat) so that we could take 3 hour naps. I think we deserved them!

Tonight we got ready and headed down to the State Fair where we sampled a lot of delights like beer, wine, cheese curds, pickles, fries, meatballs and deep fried cookie dough bites. Yum!

IMG_7044.JPG And of course we watched about 15 mins of the Alabama concert. Now it’s time to relax and sleep!

Congrats to Mary for finishing her tri!