222.365.2014 Spas, Wine and Dogs

After some much needed rest, we headed out to the spa for massages. We had also booked second treatments just for fun. Mary booked a pedi… I hate manis, pedis and facials. So I choose something called a detoxifying herbal wrap.

After my massage a little blonde girl that was about 110lbs came and grabbed me. She said, “Hi! My name is Reece and I’m here to make you sweat in a cocoon! Hahaha!” Little did I realize that she was a spawn of the devil.

Once I got started I realized the terror I was in for… Pure torture plain and simple. First, she rubbed some crap all over me and then began to cover/wrap me with towels straight from the bowels of hell. I mean, such hotness has never been felt before except when faced with the core of the sun. Or little did I know.

After she wrapped my legs and torso, she began what I can only describe as pulling off the sheets and wrapping them around my body layered with tin foil. Tucking them in places that sheets shouldn’t be tucked. This, she said, was making me a cocoon so that I could “sweat a lot”. What she meant to say was that she had unleashed her demon spawn siblings into this cocoon to make me boil like I was a 17th century witch in Salem. Then she left me for a “quick 15 minutes” aka eternity.

The minute she left I flung the eye compress (cold as a gesture of kindness I suppose) off my face and began the process of deep breathing. I debated how to rid myself of the bricks laying on this outer shell weighing me down. I managed to get an arm moving so that I could vent in air… Sweet cool air from the clouds of heaven. It was like an Angel was kissing my skin.

After about 10 minutes of deep breathing, playing games with counting the ceiling tiles and venting myself, Reece came back and asked how I was doing. I asked her to get me out of the cocoon and she lightly laughed and told me how some people got claustrophobic. REALLY REECE!? PEOPLE GET CLAUSTROPHOBIC IN YOUR HELL-FIRE COCOON OF DEATH!?

It took me 2 glasses of wine and 17 glasses of water to recover.


Tonight I flew home and we picked up our puppy!! Devo is finally with us and we are excited to see how this adventure goes. Diohge isn’t as excited, but Deco is running around learning the house and his boundaries with all of us. We did a quick photo shoot and now he’s exhausted. Here he is asking for some belly rubs.