234.365.2014 Breweries, Kind Of

I had another great day today! We slept in until a bit after 10 and then got ready before heading out to Deschutes for lunch and brews. We all
felt pretty good heading over there and once we ate and had some beer, we realized we needed a slight break. 🙂

Ben and I had both been challenged to the ALS bucket challenge so we decided to do the task. We went to CityTarget to get supplies and they even hooked us up with water. I did mine in front of the store and Ben did his in front of a Portland sign. It was actually kind of fun!

We went back to the hotel to change and relax. It’s exactly what we needed because then we felt amazing. So we went to Rogue, an amazing whiskey bar and VooDoo Doughnuts. Oh and a food truck.

At the whiskey bar, we ordered some good drinks and before we left, I ordered each guy an amazing drink. Their reactions were priceless.



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