267.365.2014 30+ Hours

We headed out to the airport Thursday night at 11:30 pm. And we arrived in Minneapolis at 7 pm… 30 hours later! It’s amazing what some time zones can do.

We left Banaglore at 3 am and landed in Frankfurt. Lufthansa was an amazing airline and I would fly them again.

IMG_7949.JPG Then we had another 9 hour journey to Chicago only to find out some idiot tried to burn the place down. We were able to land, but got delayed about 3 hours. It did give me enough time to enjoy my first Starbucks in a week!


IMG_7950.JPG But again, I’m thankful we took off! Lots of other flights were cancelled outright. So we landed in Minneapolis only to have two bags lost. Lots of others did as well…

IMG_7943-0.JPG Now for some sleep!