268.365.2014 Autumn Brew Review

I signed us up to volunteer early today so that it would force me up and moving from the jet lag. It was the Autumn Brew Review and we worked for Finnegan’s. We hauled kegs, ice and help unload trucks all morning. It was pretty fun and we got free entry and started drinking right when it opened at 1! First taste – Deschutes Black Butte XXVI!

IMG_7971.JPG The best part of the day was the tapping of the Finnegan’s Dead Irish Poet. It’s a new extra stout beer that is just being debuted… Delicious! I was first in line to taste it!!


IMG_7965.JPG Tonight after we all took some naps, the boys decided to play a bit. It’s actually pretty funny to watch Diohgé butt-check Devo.