303.365.2014 Relax

Today was a day to unwind and relax. We actually wokeup fairly early, but that’s because it was daylight savings time and we got the extra hour. So we headed to breakfast and enjoyed a mimosa with the buffet.

Then we decided to head to town to get some groceries and I needed a jacket and some pants. It’s actually a bit brisk here in the AM and at night! We accomplished a lot and then went to the pool to relax for several hours. I literally got in the water and didn’t get out for about 3 hours. Amazing.


IMG_8526.JPG On the way back to the villa we saw a small dolphin show while they were being fed. Fun!

IMG_8527.JPG We had a great dinner at the Hideaway Cafe… Wine, steak, dessert and champs. Delicious!

IMG_8536.JPG And now we are going to end the night watching Walking Dead!!