337.365.2014 Crapshoot

Today was a crapshoot. I woke up with a slight headache due to too much red wine. Just slight. 😉 Then the defcom 5 texts/emails/calls started for work and didn’t stop for hours. But I still managed to go to an amazing brunch with Beth and Laura!

We went to the Rookery and were served about 10 courses, no choices. It was delicious and an experience that I loved! I would highly recommend.

{insert photo I should have taken but didn’t because I was working the whole time I was eating}

Then I went to the dog park where my window broke and I could barely get it to roll up. Fun.

IMG_9140.JPG This evening we went to a holiday party and had a blast catching up with some TGT peeps.

IMG_9141.JPG (Photo by xojess)