29.365.2015 Plane Problems

We had some fun visiting stores today the DC area. Then we had lunch at a grill much like Mongolian BBQ. It was perfect for my diet… Protein, veggies and some brown rice… Whatever portions I wanted!

IMG_9968 The jet had a minor issue, but one that was enough to ground us. So we were driven to another airport to get on a rental jet. And mercy, it was a nice one! Touchscreen controls, individual lighting/headphone/phone chargers, etc. and lots of fun snacks!

25.365.2015 Odd Day

I had an odd day today. Good, but just different. First we went to the dog park and the pooches herded each other around.

2015/01/img_9906.jpg This afternoon, MM and I went to the funeral of an old boss’ wife. She died while running by having a massive heart attack. The funeral was moving… Heartbreaking. Afterwards, we had dinner and Dave joined us. Now Dave and I are watching “Lucy”.