So, how does anyone really start an autobiography? Born on June 11? Born in Ohio? Child of…? I don’t know.

I’m 34. I was born and raised in Ohio. Went off to Grace College in Indiana for 4 years where I was then recruited to work in stores at Target. I relocated between the NW Indiana market, Indianapolis, Detroit and am now in Minneapolis. I have been with Target for 12 years and worked as an Executive Team Leader, Store Team Leader, Store Merchant and now work in Merchandise Presentation. I love my job, my team and the company! As Mary would say… “Rah! Rah! Red!”

Maggie and Sam - Christmas 2010

On a more personal note, I have one beautiful niece named Maggie. She turns four this February! I’m sure that you won’t see ANY photos on this site of her… I also have an amazingly cute nephew named Sam. He is going to be 2.5 years and is the happiest boy ever. I have a third nephew on the way… Max will be born this February! My family all lives in Ohio where I travel often to visit.

I love living in Minneapolis — its been the best city so far. The people are so friendly, open and fun. Dave and I have been welcomed into this community very fast and by several people. Great theatre, great restaurants, beautiful parks and great shopping (no tax on clothes!).

I am blessed to have a plethora of friends all over the world — Shane & Jule in London, Mary in Milwaukee, Mark & Meghann in Seattle, Don in Indianapolis, Adam in NYC, Michael, Joe & Julie in Minneapolis… and many, many more. And I haven’t even talked about the rest of the family yet!

In 2010, we were excited to adopt a 4 month old border collie puppy who we name Diohgé (D.O.G.). He is amazing! We love him and can’t stop SQUEEZING him!

The Pupperson

This blog is based on Project365. My goal was to take a photo every day in 2010 of something. And I did it! Now, my goal for 2012 is to hone in my skills and be a little more selective. I might not know what, who, when or where, but I’m going to work on it! I have a strong passion for photography and am excited to take this journey. I have several cameras and I will be mainly using a choice of 2 – Nikon D700 or an iPhone 4S with alot of apps and gadgets.

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  1. david – what a great idea. and a fellow d70 user too. i love this! i have a d70 with nikon lenses and then i just got a fuji for messing around – it has a 28-400 lens on it and does super macro – love it.


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