308.365.2013 DAY TWO! The Big Day

It’s heeerrrrreeee!! Moving day! And Dave’s wheat filled fun day! So we started with a little energy building at OPH. Pumpkin pancakes…


Then the movers showed up and I was told to stay out of the way. I can barely contain myself… I’m SO bored! Let me in, Coach!


The movers did so awesome… They filled the truck twice and had it emptied in 3 hours. It was awesome to see everything finally coming in the house! I already organized and unpacked the entire garage, put away all the dresser drawers and am working on the guest room.


Once they were done, we had our friends Joe and Julie come to visit. They brought pizza for dinner! And babies and dogs. Diohgé was excited to show off his backyard to Bailey.




And to top it all off, Mary and Thom showed up and are going to help! Of course she needs to paint her nails and go through my stuff.



Vacation baby!! I left work today at 2:30 so that I could start my vacation… With beer! A good friend and I enjoyed a few beers at the Local to start the fun.


Then tonight Dave and I attended another charity auction through Target. We might have purchased a little trip in the live auction. I guess 2013 will be the year of trips. And we also won a dual membership to the YMCA (paid $50 and worth $1280!!). I’ll be selling that later.


Of course we had to come home and see that innocent looking pooch.


Day 365

My final day… I thought that it would be best fitting to do a self-photo. But with a twist… After taking this photo, I turned it into a mosaic using all of my Project365 photos from the year. Also, I started my project with a photo at a local Irish Pub. So, I went back to the scene and took my final photo there as well while enjoying a pint, of course.

Celebrate! My final photo...

The Mosaic

To be honest, I don’t remember how I chose to do this project. I read about it in several places and thought that it would be something good to try. I could enhance my photo skills, learn some new tricks and just have fun. Never did I think that 2010 was going to be such a significant year in my life. I couldn’t have forecasted that in 2010 I would document some of the most exciting and unhappy times of my life. But I am so glad that this was the year that I chose.

I am so happy that I not only learned new photography skills, have a journal of my day by day, but also grew as a person. I met new people, connected with fellow Project365ers, encouraged others to pick up some more robust photography habits and just had fun. I am so proud that I accomplished this day by day habit.

I’ve listed a couple of the most significant moments of the year for me… in no particular order.

  1. I decided to do a Project365.
  2. I traveled to New York City for the first time.
  3. I traveled to London for the first time.
  4. I was promoted to Director.
  5. I got a new camera! Nikon D700! And of course, some new lenses…
  6. I got a treadmill! (I didn’t say that I used it…)
  7. I celebrated my niece and nephew’s birthdays with them.
  8. I visited Merrillville several times.
  9. I stayed in better touch with friends, reconnected with old friends and made some new ones along the way.
  10. I took some really great photos.
  11. I took some really bad photos.
  12. I learned how to process photos in a variety of ways… Photoshop, Picnik, CameraBag, a variety of iPhone apps…
  13. I learned how to frame and dry wall, finally finishing our downstairs “bar” room.
  14. I got a dog. 🙂
  15. I found out my father had cancer. And I was dealt the most significant blow in my life when he died 4 months later.
  16. I finished my Project365.
  17. I grew.