53.365.2015 Bitter Cold

Today was bitter cold… I’m not sure it ever reached above zero. I said no to going to the dog park, so Dave brought the dog park to us. All the regulars came over and the dogs enjoyed their time. But it gave everyone a chance to come in and warm up!

IMG_0254 Afterwards the boys were exhausted, so they snuggled up for some naps. And we cleared off the DVR!

IMG_0258 Finally, I couldn’t end the day without wishing my baby girl a Happy 7th Birthday! Happy Birthday Maggie!


41.365.2015 Early Rise

I was at work this morning by 5:45 so that my team and I could have a video conference with our India partners. It was a great chat, just so early. And the floor didn’t even have lights turned on!

IMG_0109 It was also fun watching Devo discover new things… An insect that he liked to pick up in his mouth and fling it across the room… Find it again and continue the steps. Poor thing (the insect!).